Water filter shower head


It’s not just a filter, also a hand-held shower head, and it is so practical.All this results in luxurious showering experience that will improve circulation, rejuvenating your skin,nails,scalp& hair. At the same time,enjoy better mood & sleep quality,as well as improved immunity, improve your health.

Bath Therapy:Our filtered shower head removes sediments,heavy metals,and softens hard water.Vitamin C, the soothing citrus smell invigorates the senses, reduces fatigue , improves mood and boost sleep quality;Negative Ion Balls and Tourmaline Balls,increases pH levels,creating the feeling of the hot spring water,ensure your skin pH balance.

High-Pressure and Water-Saving: As water presses through the micro plate with perforated ultra-fine discharging holes for discharge,it results in luxurious and soft high pressure water,helps to reduce the levels of water consumption thus saving your money.

Easy Installation and Clean:NO tools required,connects to any standard shower arm in minutes.


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