Volcanic stone

Chemical Composition

Elements SiO2 CaO MgO Fe2O3 FeO AL2O3       SO3   LOS
Cotent(%) 52.54% 8.57% 2.49% 10.00% 1.36% 17.06%       0.33%   4.95



1.It has lots of holes.

2.Weight is very light.

3.Perfect intensity

4.Heat preservation and thermal insulation, noise insulation.


6.Corrosion and acid-base resisting

7.Non-pollution and no radioactivity, environment protection


Physical properties

Performance Unit Test Result Performance Unit Test Result
Bulk density Kg/m3 740 BET m2/g 13.6-25.5
Specific density % 1:1.29 Compressive strength Mpa 5.78
Moisture % 0.9-1.0 Shear strength Mpa 3.98
Porosity % 73-82 Friction loss rate % 1
Organic matter removal % Above 80 Start time for hanging film Hour 27
COD removal % Above 85 Hydrochloric acid soluble rate % 1.0
BOD removal % 75-93 Stripping material Containing beneficial micro-minerals and trace elements
Ammonia, nitrogen removal % Above 85 Appearance Full particles, similar to the globular



Lava is used in construction,irrigation works, grinding, filter material, barbecue charcoal, garden scene, soilless culture, etc. It is also a perfect material used in hot stone therapy, which is good to Promote the body’s metabolism.


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