Siliphous ball



Silicon phosphor crystal is added to silicon phosphor crystal tank, and P2O5 is the chemical component of the agent. After the conversion of the dosing tank, the tap water with anti-corrosion and scale is exported. The treated tap water can directly provide water for industrial production and people’s life.


Siliphos is a kind of slow-released chemical agent. It is an economical products to prevent water system from

limescale and corrosion. It is made from food grade sodium polyphosphate and calcium oxide smelted under the high

temperature (1200℃-1700℃). Siliphos can react with Ca2+ & Mg2+ efficiently to make them soluble complex.

So it is an efficient antiscalant.  Our Siliphous also react with Fe2+ to create a insoluble film adhering on the surface

of the water pipe to protect pipe from corrosion. Blue Siliphos also have the performance of antibacteria and

algae removal.

Product Name: Sodium polyphosphate Balls Chemical Name: Siliphos
Chemical Formula: (NaPO3)n Molecular Weight: 611.77
CAS No.: 94551-68-5 Hazardous Classification: N/A
EINECS No.: 215-185-5 UN No.: N/A
HS Code: 3824909990 Pacakging Group: 25kg Carton Box
Appearance: Transparent balls Test method: GB/T5750-2006
Application: Used in Water Treatment.



Silicon phosphorus crystal is a cost-effective water treatment agent used to protect domestic drinking water and industrial water system pipes. It uses controlled release technology and is widely used in domestic hot water anticorrosion and scale treatment.



  1. Protect water systems in hotels, public buildings, private households and industry against scale formation and corrosion.
  2. Prevents “brown” or “red” water and clogged pipes
  3. Keeps pipe work clear
  4. keeps maintains cost dowan, saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems etc.
  5. widely used for wholehouse prefilters,  pure water filters etc.
    6. Saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems etc.
    7. Helps to save energy
    8. Extends the life of your water installation.



25kg  per carton


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