Potassium metasilicate ceramic ball


Potassium metasilicate ceramic balls are compounded by tourmaline, Maifanshi, kaolin, metasilicic acid and other natural mineral materials

through formula improvement and process improvement.



Potassium metasilicate ceramic balls are rich in trace elements for human body. These elements can keep the physiological balance of human body, inhibit the formation of lipofuscin, and are conducive to the prolongation of cell life and the health of organism.


Compared with the original alkaline ceramic ball and other products, the use time of weak alkaline water can be increased by more than three times. At the same time, alkali water can dissolve a small amount of metasilicic acid elements to produce metasilicic acid mineral water. Manufactured alkaline water pH 8-9, which is suitable for drinking.





  1. Essential minerals maintains optimal health
  2. Restore pH balance in your body
    3.Excrete the toxins out of human body
    4.Strengthen body’s immune system
    5.Adsorb heavy metal ions and toxins in the water

6.Create weak alkaline water

  1. Remove bad smell in water and make sweet taste water.



25kg woven bag/paper bag /carton

1MT jumbo bag or as buyer’s requests


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