Maifan stone ceramic ball

Maifanshi stone ceramic ball is a kind of mineralized ball formed by sintering Maifan stones, clay and other special health care needed mineral materials. It has stronger adsorption and permeability than the original ore, and is a sterile, toxic and pollution-free mineralizer. It can mineralize and purify water, increase the biological activity of the water, improve the physiological function of body and regulate water pH. If you drink the water soaked by this product for a long time, it can protect the liver, strengthen the stomach, promote the blood pressure, promote circulation, prevent diseases and cancer, prolong life, skin care and beauty, strengthen the bones, develop intelligence, promote development, stop bleeding and detumescence. It is widely used in medical and health care, food health care, environmental protection, water quality improvement and beverages, wine making, medicine, deodorant, crops and flowers Cultivation, poultry breeding, aquaculture and other industries.



Maifan stone balls naturally enhance and revitalize your water, which are heated to temperatures over 800 ℃ in the stove for more than 10 hours. Maifan stone balls could boost activation and activity in your water as well as essential minerals needed by human bodies. Also Maifan Stone can raise PH value to 7.0-7.5 in the water, which is close to neutral or weak alkaline.



1.Mineralization water
2.Natural maifan stone insures safe and healthy
3.Weak alkaline water



25kg woven bag/paper bag /carton

1MT jumbo bag or as buyer’s requests


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