Far infrared ceramic ball


25kg woven bag/paper bag /carton

1MT jumbo bag or as buyer’s requests


Langfang far infrared ceramic ball is the unique ceramic materials that can radiate specific wave infrared rays. It is made of a variety of natural minerals such as tourmaline, far infrared powder, kaolin, and other ores and etc. With high-temperature calcination by 1200 and become the Far infrared energy ceramic ball.


The far infrared ceramic ball can improve the balance of blood pressure and blood sugar, increase oxygen, and nutrient in your cells. Long-term drinking water filtrated by far-infrared ray ceramic ball (far-infrared ceramic ball), we can not only gain zinc, lithium, iodine, selenium, and other trace elements that our bodies need but also regulate organisms microcirculation and improve the body’s immune capacity.

The emission rate of the far-infrared ceramic ball can reach more than 90%, more than 20 kinds of elements necessary for the human body. It will slowly and evenly release more useful minerals for water.


  1. Emit Fir wave
  2. Restore PH balance in your body
  3. Supply essential minerals and maintain optimal health
  4. Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively
  5. Remove smell from water
  6. Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables
  7. Distribute Negative oxygen ion in water




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