February 19, 2021 in Uncategorized

Is Carbon Filter Water Safe For Drinking?

The carbon filter is the most important water filter media that uses activated Carbon for the purpose of filtration. They work best in removing organic contaminants, chlorination byproducts, copper, lead,…
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October 15, 2020 in Water Filter

Explore Different Water Filter Technologies

In this populated world, our water has become polluted. In such conditions, it is important to filter the water. The tap water you attain contains toxins such as pesticides, chlorine,…
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May 28, 2020 in Water Filter

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truths Behind Water Filter

As one of the water filter manufacturing companies, we hear many fallacies about water filtration and purification. These myths and believed-upon truths usually end up on being proven wrong upon…
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